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Is blogging still a thing?

Hello, stranger!

Do we know each other? Probably not. I've been around, but not here. A quick synopsis about me and my work is covered in my bio, but here is the brief history of my (erratic) blogging:

My first blog post went live on Blogger somewhere around 2005, back when blogging was a relatively new thing. Even my sons got in on it, creating their own blogs Jacob is a Crazy Frog (remember that "Crazy Frog" song?!) and Bradley is a Fish Head, where the only post states My brother is dume.

I blogged for a while, and enjoyed it. It was an outlet during a period where I was largely a stay-at-home writer-mom going stir crazy for some adult form of communicaiton. Eventually I migrated to WordPress because I liked the templates better. When I decided I neded an actual website, I moved to Squarespace, where I have hosted the Poemeleon lit journal since its inception in 2006, and migrated the blog again, where it is still hosted today.

I loved the format of the blog, where I could post musings on anything from motherhood to poetry to what I had for dinner, but I began slowing down after joining Facebook and connecting with others there. Then, I slowed way down around 2013, when my work with a local nonprofit, Inlandia Institute, intensified. My blogging here dropped off entirely, replaced by a more public blog for Inlandia. But that too has gone by-the-by with several changes in ownership of the local newspaper, where our blog was hosted. (The columns still run, though, so if you'd like to check them out go here.)

I miss this type of writing, and don't really care how many visitors I might get because it's still fun even if no one reads it! So, pulling this "blog" thing out of cold storage and starting again. I hope to keep this up and use this space to talk about my work as a writer in the face of other challenges, like raising teenage boys and running a nonprofit.

Things that have changed since I last blogged: I've now published a few books, I've been named Executive Director of the Inlandia Institute, and my children have gotten a lot taller. I've also gone from being a vegetarian to not being one. (That was a huge decision and a long time coming.) I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, a hypothyroid condition where the body's immune system attacks the thyroid, had my thyroid removed, and in the process discovered micropapillary carcinoma; I write about that whole experience and then some in my book, The Body at a Loss, forthcoming from CavanKerry Press.

Also, when I'm not writing poetry or running a nonprofit or taking care of my family, I've been dabbling (really, if you can even call it that) with speculative fiction. I love stories that blend the real and the unreal and admire authors who do so with ease. Current favorites: Kij Johnson, Kelly Link, and Rachel Swirsky, the latter with whom I'm involved in a fun project analyzing the first lines of a set of short stories in the current edition of Lightspeed. (Come back July 5 to find out what that's all about!)

If you've found your way here, thank you! Hopefully we can stay better in touch this time.

~ Cati

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